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Eco driving for Eagle Couriers

Eco driving for Eagle Couriers

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has strengthened its green credentials by sending drivers on a special fuel-efficient driving course.

Eagle Couriers has arranged for three members of its team to go on the Government-run Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) course, in order to help further improve the firm’s environmentally-friendly work ethic.

The unique course involves a rigorous training schedule designed to make van and HGV drivers safer on the road and to improve the fuel efficiency of their driving. It is offered to companies who extensively use the country’s road network for their business.

Eagle Couriers has invested around £1000 to send its three members of staff on the course – a move it hopes will not only help promote environmentally-friendly driving and keep its staff safe on the road, but will also lead to long-term savings for the business.

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Eagle Couriers director Jerry Stewart

Eagle Couriers director Jerry Stewart

Scotland’s leading independent courier company Eagle Couriers has criticised the government’s plans to raise fuel duty to cover the drop in VAT, which was announced in the pre-Budget report.

Under proposals revealed by Chancellor Alistair Darling, VAT will be reduced from 17.5% to 15% in a bid to stimulate the economy and help businesses across the UK during the run up to Christmas.

But the Chancellor has also announced that he will raise the duty on fuel to cover the cut in VAT – meaning that customers will see no benefit whatsoever at the pumps.

Eagle Couriers has criticised the decision, which it says will be unfair on delivery businesses and motorists during the festive season and beyond.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers’s directors, said: “I am very disappointed with the Chancellor’s decision to raise duty on fuel to offset the drop in Value Added Tax. He has pledged to help businesses across the UK but this is a blow to companies such as ours since, although we are a registered firm that is able to reclaim VAT, we are unable to claim back any rise in excise duty.

“Petrol is still very expensive at the pumps and motorists were hoping the Chancellor would give them some Christmas cheer by lowering prices. However, with this pre-Budget announcement, he has merely given with one hand while taking away with the other.

“If Mr Darling was serious about stimulating the economy and helping businesses during the run-up to Christmas he would have at least dropped the duty on diesel, which is currently far more expensive than petrol anyway.

“Almost all delivery firms, couriers and hauliers use diesel in their vehicles and, if prices had been reduced, this saving would have been passed on to customers in time for their Christmas deliveries.”

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