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Space Solutions, Scotland’s leading workplace design experts, is launching an innovative new service to help businesses to succeed during the credit crunch.

The company has identified that many firms being forced to manage overheads and reshape operations because of the economic slowdown may not be realising the full potential one of their greatest assets – their property.

Space Solutions has now pioneered its Property Intelligence service to help companies ensure their offices or premises are working as efficiently as possible.

The specialist service has already helped a number of firms to save money or drive forward expansion where previously they faced difficulties because of rising fixed costs or a failure to find finance or commercial loans.

Space Solutions is Scotland’s biggest independent expert in helping businesses manage changes within the workplace. It operates UK-wide to design, build, fit out, refurbish and relocate modern and productive business environments.

Gary McGurk, Commercial Manager, said it was convinced of the need to launch Property Intelligence after securing an increasing number of business wins from clients experiencing problems because of the tough financial climate.

Gary said: “We had companies approach us who either needed to review their costs or find ways of utilising their premises better, but who believed they had limited options to come up with a solution that didn’t have a negative impact on their business.

“We were able to step in to provide vital intelligence to allow these firms to understand how ‘to sweat their assets’ which allowed them to significantly adjust their operations.”
In one case, Space Solutions worked with a major company to identify so much   under-utilised space that it was able to free up an entire floor of the building. As a result, the firm has now sublet 1500 sq ft – nearly 25% of the current occupied space – and has been able to focus more money and attention on long-term growth because it freed up so much additional capital.

Under Property Intelligence, Space Solutions’ team will undertake a comprehensive review of the clients’ property requirements to provide advice on how efficiently, or otherwise, they are occupying their space. 

By undertaking an audit, and reviewing this against the firm’s specific needs, the team can identify areas where the property can be utilised more efficiently. If a firm is planning a relocation, the report will determine how much space they require. If they are planning to remain in their current space, the report will provide recommendations on how the premises can be occupied more efficiently.

Gary added: “The business world is changing and companies need to adapt in order to survive or continue planned growth.

“We believe Property Intelligence can make a major contribution to every business in the UK who is grappling with concerns over their premises.

“That is the very essence of the skill of Space Solutions.  By meticulously applying the science of space planning and workplace analysis, we have proved that businesses can make significant savings or create vital additional space for an expansion they thought was impossible because of the credit crunch.”

Space Solutions can handle each stage of the process in-house through its architectural, design, project management and operation teams based in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. It also has operational bases in Peterborough and Livingston with a total staff profile of 130.
Latest annual figures (for year end to 30 June) for Space Solutions, which completed a management buy-out in July 2007, saw it achieve record turnover of £12.8 million.


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