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Citylets reveals promising new time to let figures

Scotland’s letting sector is shaping up for a solid recovery in 2010 as demand increases for rental properties, according to latest research by the country’s leading letting portal Citylets.

Landlords have seen the time to let (TTL) in Scotland – a key market indicator – come down significantly throughout 2009 which is set to spark a rise in rents.

The latest Citylets quarterly report, which covers the 4th quarter (Q4) October to December 2009, shows the average TTL was 37 days which is an encouraging improvement on Q1 48 days, Q2 45 days, and Q3 42 days.

You can read the full article at the Holyrood Partnership PR in Scotland website.


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Eagle Couriers wins new quality standard

Eagle Couriers wins new quality standard

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has cemented its levels of excellence after having a highly sought-after quality standard upgraded.

Eagle Couriers has become the first courier firm in Scotland to be given the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 level following a surveillance visit by industry inspectors.

The company is Scotland’s biggest independent courier, employing more than 100 people with bases in Edinburgh, Bathgate and Glasgow, and works with a range of high-profile companies and organisations across the country. 13 years ago it earned its first prestigious ISO 9001 certificate in recognition of its impressive working practices and standards.

The ISO award is a mark of excellence which reassures clients – including the BBC, communications giant BT and the Scottish Government – that Eagle Couriers operates at the highest levels.

You can read the full story at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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Eco driving for Eagle Couriers

Eco driving for Eagle Couriers

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has strengthened its green credentials by sending drivers on a special fuel-efficient driving course.

Eagle Couriers has arranged for three members of its team to go on the Government-run Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving (SAFED) course, in order to help further improve the firm’s environmentally-friendly work ethic.

The unique course involves a rigorous training schedule designed to make van and HGV drivers safer on the road and to improve the fuel efficiency of their driving. It is offered to companies who extensively use the country’s road network for their business.

Eagle Couriers has invested around £1000 to send its three members of staff on the course – a move it hopes will not only help promote environmentally-friendly driving and keep its staff safe on the road, but will also lead to long-term savings for the business.

Read the full story at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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Eagle Couriers special delivery

Eagle Couriers special delivery

Kind-hearted directors at Scotland’s leading independent courier firm have once again donated their services to help a charity in need.

Eagle Couriers, which has bases in Glasgow, Edinburgh and West Lothian, has agreed to make another emergency delivery for the charity Project Ability following the success of an unusual fundraising event.

Last month, the firm agreed to lend its services to the Glasgow-based charity in order to help with a special fundraising roller disco in aid of people with learning disabilities and mental health issues in the city.

Eagle Couriers made a free delivery for the charity, which involved picking up boxes of “old school” style roller boots from Leeds and bringing them to Glasgow for the event, before returning them back again to England.

You can read the full story at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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Scotland's leading indpendent courier firm

Scotland's leading indpendent courier firm

Kind hearted directors at Scotland’s leading independent courier firm have donated their services to help a major fundraising drive in Glasgow.

Eagle Couriers, which has bases in Glasgow, Edinburgh and West Lothian, agreed to make an 11th-hour special delivery for the charity Project Ability in order to ensure the success an unusual fundraising event.

Project Ability, which is currently relocating to new premises in Glasgow, had planned a special roller-disco to help raise money for new equipment to aid its work with children and adults with learning disabilities, and adults with mental health issues, across Scotland.

Designed with an “old school” theme, the disco involved performances from some of the city’s popular DJs and guests would be given the chance to skate with original 2×2 roller boots – called quads – as well as the modern blade variety.

You can read the full story at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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Citylets founder Thomas Ashdown

Citylets founder Thomas Ashdown

People renting property are benefitting most from the beleaguered housing market with wider choice and rents continuing to fall across the country, according to latest research by Scotland’s leading letting portal Citylets.

The latest Citylets quarterly report, which covers the period April to June 2009, shows average rents declined for the second consecutive quarter and are now 3.3% lower than the same period in 2008.

High stock levels have forced landlords to lower prices to secure leases yet properties are still being slower to let than in previous years. With cheaper mortgages however, many property owners are seeing their overall yields improve.

You can read the full coverage on the Holyrood Partnership website.

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East Lothian Courier

East Lothian Courier

Eagle Couriers has launched a search to find unsung community groups across the Lothians who are in need of much-needed funding and equipment.

The Edinburgh-based company, which is Scotland’s leading independent courier firm, is looking for small charities or community projects which can benefit from its “special deliveries” initiative.

Under the drive, Eagle Couriers is asking local groups to contact them and explain what gift they need to aid their valuable work in the region. The company will then choose the best community group or local charity and will purchase the piece of equipment they have requested.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers directors, said: “At this time of year, there are a lot of companies who donate large sums of money to major charities, but the small community groups still tend to miss out.

“We make a lot of deliveries across the Lothians throughout the year, so we would really like to find a small local project in the area that we can help. We want to find a group that is in need of some specific equipment that will help them with their work, and then we will donate this to them.

“It’s easy to forget that a small donation can make a big difference to these charities. Even just replacing a microwave for a pensioner’s group or buying a new laptop for an after school club can be a huge help in ensuring they are able to carry on their work and help improve the lives of others.

“We may not have the unlimited funds of a huge multi-national company, but we’re determined to try and help some well-deserving local organisations at this festive time of year.”

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Eagle Couriers Snow Socks

Eagle Couriers Snow Socks

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has decided to equip its delivery vans with special safety “socks” in a bid to cope with the treacherous winter road conditions.

Eagle Couriers, which employs 100 people between Glasgow and Edinburgh, has invested in the revolutionary new equipment and plans to use the tyre socks to ensure their drivers are as safe as possible on snow-covered or icy roads.

The company carries out many deliveries in the north of Scotland during the winter, and already uses safety equipment such as tyre chains, which they fit to their vans when they need to drive through heavy blizzards and snow drifts.

However, by using the “tyre sock” technology, which was devised in Norway, they hope to improve their vehicles’ grip on the road when faced with less extreme weather conditions such as sleet and ice – which are less suitable for chains.

Under the move, the company will be trialling the equipment on vehicles travelling through Aberdeenshire, the Highlands and the Scottish Borders. If it proves successful, the firm will roll out the technology across its entire fleet.

Jerry Stewart - director of Eagle Couriers

Jerry Stewart - director of Eagle Couriers

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers’ directors, said: “We make sure our drivers are fully trained and have the best equipment available to ensure they stay safe on the road.

“We carry out a lot of work in the north of Scotland and, during the winter, the weather conditions up there can be very challenging. We carry snow chains in our vehicles but while these are perfect for heavy snow, they aren’t always the best thing for icy conditions.

“These tyre socks, on the other hand, are designed to improve friction between the tyres and the road and are perfect for dealing with light snow and ice. They have been highly recommended by industry experts but are still very new in this country, so we are delighted to be one of the few pioneering companies to use them.

“We hope they will become yet another option that our drivers can use in order to stay as safe as possible on treacherous roads throughout Scotland this winter.”

Eagle Couriers currently works with major organisations such the NHS and delivers medical supplies, equipment and important documents hospitals across the whole of Scotland. Their work also involves regularly travelling along isolated roads across rural Scotland – including the Highlands, Aberdeenshire and the Scottish Borders.

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Space Solutions, Scotland’s leading workplace design experts, is predicting another year of impressive growth fuelled by its specialist service in helping businesses to succeed during the credit crunch.

Space Solutions Directors

Space Solutions Directors

Latest annual figures (for year end to 30 June) for Space Solutions, which completed a management buy-out in July 2007, saw it achieve record turnover of £12.8 million.

But the company, which has its head office in Aberdeen with bases in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Peterborough, is forecasting sales to surge to £15.5 million for 2008-09 – a 22% increase – as it benefits from a soaring order book.

Space Solutions is Scotland’s biggest independent expert in helping businesses manage changes within the workplace. It operates UK-wide to design, build, fit out, refurbish and relocate modern and productive business environments.

But it is the firm’s meticulous approach to the science of space planning and workplace analysis, which is supporting an ever-growing number of businesses who face difficulties because of rising overheads or a failure to find finance for expansion, that is helping drive up expansion.

Managing Director Steve Judge said the future for Space Solutions is looking extremely bright.

He said: “We are delighted that turnover for the last financial year was ahead of expectations.  It was the first full year after our MBO so it’s a sign of our commitment to consistently exceed client expectations that we were able to exceed our sales targets.

“But it’s over the next year, that we expect to see very exciting times for Space Solutions.

“We are budgeting for a £15.5m turnover – up more than 20% – for our next year-end, which in the current difficult times is a sure sign of the continued confidence so many businesses are putting in us.

“In fact September represented our best month ever, recording a £1m+ increase in turnover than September 2007.”

Steve said a significant share of its recent success has been with businesses wanting to make more efficient use of their business space during the economic downturn – it recorded an estimated 22% increase in contracts across the Central Belt as firms of all sizes make changes to their premises to better cope with volatile market conditions.

Steve added: “There’s a real air of gloom around the property market, so it may be surprising to hear that, as a business whose entire currency is property, we are actually doing very well at the moment.

“Companies being forced to manage overheads and dramatically reshape operations to face up to the current economic climate may not be realising the full potential of one of their greatest assets – their property.

“We offer to undertake a comprehensive review of a clients’ property requirements and to provide advice on how to more efficiently occupy their space.  

“With proper workplace analysis and space planning, businesses are finding they can make significant savings or create vital additional space for an expansion they thought was impossible because of difficulties securing bank finance.”

In one case, Space Solutions worked with a major company to identify so much wastage in unnecessary storage, it was able to free up an entire floor of the building.

As a result, the firm has now sublet 1500 sq ft and has been able to focus more money and attention on long-term growth because it freed up so much additional capital.

Although founded in 1997, Space Solutions’ senior management team – lead by Steve Judge – completed a MBO In July 2007.

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La Favorita speedy delivery

La Favorita speedy delivery

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A real-life interpretation of The Italian Job has led to an Edinburgh-based Italian restaurant group being shortlisted for a major industry award.

La Favorita, on Edinburgh’s Leith Walk, has been shortlisted for Independent Delivery Operator, as well as Pizza Restaurant, award at the Pizza and Pasta Association (PAPA) Awards which recognises the best and most genuine Italian restaurants in the UK.

The restaurant invested thousands of pounds on a delivery fleet of five Minis after watching the cars in action in the Charlize Theron action flick.

Tony Crolla, Proprietor of the establishment which opened in 2005, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted for these prestigious awards.

“We have invested heavily in developing La Favorita over the past year and this has paid off.

“One of our major investments was a fleet of Minis for our delivery staff.

“In the film the Italian Job, Minis are used as speedy getaway cars. It seemed apt therefore that an Italian restaurant could use these vehicles for nipping about town with deliveries. It was a fun idea but one that has paid off. With their personalised number plates we now have an instantly recognisable, up-market fleet of delivery vehicles.

“We also use the very latest in pizza bag technology, with magnetic plates used to keep the pizzas at an optimum temperature.”

In 2005 and 2007 La Favorita won gold at the PAPA Awards for Pizza Restaurant and in 2005 Tony was named Pizza Designer of the Year for his fishy Pizza Favorita which included ingredients such as smoked salmon, caviar, crème fraiche and lemon rinds.

La Favorita’s sister restaurant Vittoria is also celebrating after being shortlisted for Italian Restaurant of the Year in the Scottish Restaurant Awards.

The original Vittoria restaurant, on Leith Walk, was opened by Tony’s parents Alberto and Dina in 1970. It has since become an institution among Edinburgh diners for its good food and lively atmosphere. Last year Vittoria also opened on George IV Bridge.

The PAPA ceremony will be held on November 13 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London and the winners of the Scottish Restaurant Awards will be announced on January 27 at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow.

Tony added: “Being shortlisted for these awards is a fantastic end to a fantastic year for the Vittoria and La Favorita restaurants.

“We never rest on our laurels and are always thinking of new ways to develop our establishments. The fact we are still winning and being shortlisted for such sought-after awards almost 40 years since we opened is a real testament to that.”


Issued on behalf of La Favorita and Vittoria by Holyrood Partnership. Contact Raymond Notarangelo on (0131) 561 2244 or info@holyroodpr.co.uk

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