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03-JUN-Eagle-Courier-VanA Rangers fan was given the chance to hand deliver the SPL trophy to his heroes just days after they beat arch-rivals Celtic to the title.

Delivery driver Jim Gilmour got the unexpected job during his shift with Scotland’s leading independent courier delivery firm Eagle Couriers, and was delighted to find out that he would be delivering the prestigious trophy back to Ibrox after being engraved. 

Read what Jim had to say about the honour and the full story at the Edinburgh PR Holyrood Partnership site.


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21212 Uniforms

21212 Uniforms

NKD Clothing has designed a range of outfits for one of Scotland’s most hotly anticipated restaurants which opened this week (Wed, May 20).

Designers at the Edinburgh based corporate couture firm were asked to come up with a bespoke look for both the kitchen brigade and front of house team at Michelin starred chef Paul Kitching’s new restaurant, 21212.

Paul and his partner Katie O’Brien wanted a look which would set them apart from other high-end restaurants and sourced a traditional artist’s smock as the basis for the image they wanted to achieve. The proviso was to create a uniformed approach in all staff being the same and one fluid team front and back of house.

You can read more at Holyrood Partnership, providing media expertise and PR in Scotland and the UK for NKD Clothing.

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28-MAY-Dementia-ReportCare homes across Scotland need to significantly improve the care they offer to people living with dementia.

A joint report – Remember, I’m Still Me – by the Care Commission and the Mental Welfare Commission highlights a range of concerns, most notably the excessive use of drugs used to control behaviour and the lack of regular medication reviews.

The report also highlights a lack of staff knowledge about the life history and individual needs of people in their care and tells how many people rarely leave their care home – all of which highlights the importance of not ‘forgetting’ the person inside dementia.

Read the full press release and other useful information at Holyrood Partnership, PR in Scotland for the Care Commission

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Holyrood Partnership PR website

Holyrood Partnership PR website

Holyrood Partnership has moved.

You’ll find all our stories, photos and videos at www.holyroodpr.co.uk.

Our new sites boast a front page which constantly changes with the latest news, views and coverage from our bank of clients.

We’ve also added eyecatching and easy-to-navigate video and photo galleries.

Best of all, if you want to find out about a specific client, simply click on the company logo to visit the client’s dedicated client page to see all of their news, coverage, photos, video and more.

Some of the clients we’ve been busiest with include NKD Clothing, Eagle Couriers, Panton McLeod and US Kids Golf.

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June Dyer - delivery driver with Eagle Couriers

June Dyer - delivery driver with Eagle Couriers

Read the full story here or click the following link: http://news.scotsman.com/scotland/June39s-ready-to-deliver-on.4838512.jp

Courier June Dyer landed her first role on TV recently, after appearing on an episode of the Channel 4 gameshow Relentless.

June, who works for Scotland’s leading independent courier firm Eagle Couriers, was featured on the show over the Christmas holidays for a special Hogmanay edition filmed in Edinburgh.

As well as having to rehearse a script for the programme, June was filmed delivering a package containing a special task for the show’s contestant to perform in order to win £5000. 

Relentless is a game show that is broadcast on the channel’s popular T4 section. A contestant is chosen for each show and has to perfrom a series of unusual or ridiculous tasks in their home city in order to win the cash prize.

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Panton McLeod's VR600 cleaning robot

Panton McLeod's VR600 cleaning robot

Panton McLeod’s underwater cleaning robots have been getting more coverage in the local English press.

This time, the Leicester Mercury ran a story about the company using the innovative robot during a cleaning job in the Severn Trent Water region. They highlighted the fact that, by using the VR600, Panton McLeod were able to ensure that the underwater reservoir being cleaned did not have to be taken out of service – which would potentially have disrupted supplies for tens of thousands of people.

But after the newspaper was sent a photo of the robot, they noticed the VR600 bore an uncanny resemblance to WALL-E – the star of the blockbuster Pixar animated movie.

You can read the full article here or by clicking on the following link:  http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/news/Wall-E-s-latest-clean-8211-water-supply/article-575475-detail/article.html

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Edinburgh's leading estate agents - the ELPG

Edinburgh's leading estate agents - the ELPG

Read the full article in the Evening News here

House prices across Scotland are likely to level out in 2009 as falling interest rates and better mortgage deals create the ideal conditions for first-time buyers, according to a group of the country’s leading property solicitors.

The ELPG group, which is made up of Warners, Neilsons, Leslie Deans & Co, Drummond Miller and the Lints Partnership, believes that house prices will reach their lowest figure in the early months of 2009 before they level out – prompting buyers to quickly enter the market before prices start to recover.

The group, which accounts for around 25% of property sales in Edinburgh, says that consecutive cuts in the base interest rate and the continuing freeze on Stamp Duty on properties up to £175,000 has created favourable conditions for first-time buyers to make their first step on the ladder.

And they predict that banks and lenders will start offering better mortgage deals within the coming year, which will encourage more buyers into the market.

Les Deans, senior partner with ELPG firm Leslie Deans & Co, said: “I think we are starting to see house prices level out now, which is a positive sign for the property market. I don’t believe prices in Scotland – and Edinburgh in particular – will continue to fall dramatically and this will encourage buyers to make a purchase.

“At the moment, there are still many people who are waiting for the market to fall even lower before they buy a property. They’re seeing interest rates and house prices continuing to fall and they think that they will get a better deal if they hold on.

“But the truth is that they won’t get a better chance than this to get a bargain. We’re already seeing property investors enter the Edinburgh market, which is a sign that we’re nearing the bottom in terms of prices, so I do not believe buyers will benefit from waiting.

“After a few months at the bottom of the curve, we’ll start to see more properties being sold and – ultimately – prices starting to recover as people begin to realise that they won’t get a better deal by waiting to buy.”

The ELPG also disagrees with the view of some commentators who have predicted that London and the South of England will be the first areas in the UK to witness a property revival.

They argue that because Scotland’s system of missives means each transaction on the property chain is insulated from the next – unlike the English “subject to contract” procedure, which can lead to a series of deals all falling down at the same time – the first seeds of the UK’s property revival are likely to be experienced north of the Border.

Steve Spence, senior partner of Neilsons, said: “There is a huge distinction to be drawn between the Scottish and English markets.  The English market does not look like improving in the short term, house prices have been falling at a much higher rate than in Scotland and the subject to contract procedure which creates long chains of interdependent  transactions means that the market there will take a long time to recover.
“In contrast whilst we have experienced a moderate fall in house prices a look at the numbers of properties on the market would tell you that the Scottish market is all set to go. We have a record number of properties on the market and all of the owners who are proposing to move have got their mortgage agreed in principle.  

“The problem with the Scottish Market therefore is neither lack of confidence in the economic situation nor lack of availability of mortgages.  After all, if those two issues were the problem we would have no properties on the market at all.
“The only problem we have is that sellers of properties quite rightly will not commit to a purchase until they receive an offer for their own property. The tipping point for the market will be when first time buyer confidence returns.

“We know that there are a lot of would be first-time buyers out there with sufficient funds behind them to cover the deposit they’d need to make a purchase. I believe that, once interest rates start to level out at record low rates  and house prices remain constant for a couple of months showing the upturn is coming, they will realise that they need to act quickly to take advantage of the conditions before the market improves.

“The Government has been working hard to encourage lenders to pass on interest rate cuts and improve mortgage deals for buyers in recent months. My guess is that they will use the nationalised Banks to introduce first time buyer incentivised mortgage products to help improve lending levels and stimulate the market early in 2009.

“We won’t see an overnight recovery, but there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.”

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East Lothian Courier

East Lothian Courier

Eagle Couriers has launched a search to find unsung community groups across the Lothians who are in need of much-needed funding and equipment.

The Edinburgh-based company, which is Scotland’s leading independent courier firm, is looking for small charities or community projects which can benefit from its “special deliveries” initiative.

Under the drive, Eagle Couriers is asking local groups to contact them and explain what gift they need to aid their valuable work in the region. The company will then choose the best community group or local charity and will purchase the piece of equipment they have requested.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers directors, said: “At this time of year, there are a lot of companies who donate large sums of money to major charities, but the small community groups still tend to miss out.

“We make a lot of deliveries across the Lothians throughout the year, so we would really like to find a small local project in the area that we can help. We want to find a group that is in need of some specific equipment that will help them with their work, and then we will donate this to them.

“It’s easy to forget that a small donation can make a big difference to these charities. Even just replacing a microwave for a pensioner’s group or buying a new laptop for an after school club can be a huge help in ensuring they are able to carry on their work and help improve the lives of others.

“We may not have the unlimited funds of a huge multi-national company, but we’re determined to try and help some well-deserving local organisations at this festive time of year.”

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Braemore Property Management

Braemore Property Management

Problems with buying property in Scotland are leading more people to take longer leases on their rented homes, according to one of the country’s leading letting companies.

Braemore Property Management has said that more tenants, particularly those whose property plans have been influenced by the credit crunch, are choosing to extend their leases as they consolidate in rented accommodation.

The firm, which is based in Dundas Street and has a portfolio of around 850 properties worth more than £250 million, says many first-time buyers struggling to find the necessary funds for a deposit on their first mortgage are now choosing to rent long-term.

The move to longer leases, which is a trend seen in many parts of Europe and New York, is being viewed by tenants as a way to allow them to save money while waiting for the economy to improve and better mortgage deals to become available.

Braemore Property Management says the fact that it has had no properties being re-let onto the market for the last two weeks is an indication that tenants are already seeing the benefits of opting for longer rents.

Braemore director Colette Murphy

Braemore director Colette Murphy

Director Colette Murphy said: “It is very rare to even have one week where we do not have any properties being put back up for let.

“There are usually tenants who decide, for one reason or another, that they do not want to renew their lease and plan to move out of their rented home, so we try to re-let those properties as soon as possible.

“But to have two weeks in a row where there are no properties being re-let is remarkable. It is something we have never experienced before and it’s possible that we may be starting to see a shift towards longer rents being taken out among the younger generation, who would otherwise have been first-time buyers.

“Young people are finding it very difficult to buy a property of their own so are choosing to rent for longer.

“Many of them are still paying off student loans and so aren’t able to raise the 10-20% they would need as a deposit for a mortgage, so they are happy to consolidate in a rented property for the near future as they wait for the economy to improve and more favourable mortgage deals to become available.”

Colette adds that the firm is already seeing many tenants taking up the option of renewing their leases, and that there has been a definite shift towards longer tenancies in recent months.

She continued: “With the economy still in a downturn, it’s a trend that we expect to continue for the foreseeable future as fewer people will be able to afford their first property. A long-term lease is the easiest way to live in the home that they want to.

“It gives people more disposable income because they are not up to their waists in mortgage repayments and they get all the benefits of living in a nice property.

“Of course, if the economy improves, better mortgage deals become available and first-time buyers find they can afford to buy a property of their own, then this trend may become less popular. But I would argue that for the foreseeable future people will be choosing to let for that bit longer.”

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Scott Brown - Estate Agency Partner with Warners

Scott Brown - Estate Agency Partner with Warners

Edinburgh’s leading solicitor estate agent has welcomed the decision by the Bank of England to cut the base interest rate by 1% and has claimed the move could help encourage first-time buyers into the property market.

Scott Brown, Estate Agency Partner with Warners, said: “This decision may look like a dramatic move – particularly as it follows last month’s 1.5% cut – but it is welcome news for the property market. It shows that the Bank of England is not afraid to tackle the current economic problems head on, which is very encouraging.

“Provided the base-rate reduction is passed on to customers through mortgage lenders, this move could help encourage first-time buyers to make their first step on the property ladder. At the moment, there are plenty of would-be purchasers out there who have been waiting for something like this to spark them into buying a home.

“We have been suffering from a lack of confidence for many months, which has seen the number of property sales drop across the whole of the UK. The Bank’s decision to cut rates by 1.5% last month showed that they were serious about tackling this issue and this latest cut will bring even more welcome relief for borrowers and act as an incentive for new buyers to enter the market.”

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