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Scottish legal expert Gibson Kerr

Legal firm Gibson Kerr has carried out an extensive revamp of its website, in order to cement its credentials as one of Edinburgh’s top private client and family law solicitors.

The firm, which is based in the Capital’s New Town and specialises in family law issues such as residential property, wills, executries and divorces and separations, has expanded its web presence to provide more in-depth advice about important legal issues for its growing list of clients.

The £2000 revamp has seen a number of dedicated sections created on the Gibson Kerr website, providing information on the four main legal areas that the firm specialises in – family & personal law, buying & selling property, financial & tax advice, and advice on legal issues arising out of getting older.

The full story can be viewed on the Holyrood Partnership PR in Edinburgh website.

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Gibson Kerr highlights "claim ignorance" among co-habiting couples

Thousands of couples living together in Scotland are unaware of the rights they have to claim against their partner in the event of a relationship break-up.

According to Edinburgh legal firm Gibson Kerr, many co-habiting couples across the country remain ignorant of the fact that they are entitled to claim against their partner if they split up – as they believe that only married couples are able to make such a claim.

The firm highlights that the law was altered in 2006 when The Family Law (Scotland) Act came into force, which made a number of significant changes in the law relating to divorce, separation and family life in general.

Among these is the ability for co-habitees to make a claim against their partner within a year of splitting up if they feel that they have been financially disadvantaged as a result of their relationship.

You can read the full story at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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Legal firm Gibson Kerr promotes Power of Attorney

Scottish families are being urged to act now to protect elderly parents and relatives in the face of concerns about a rising numbers of dementia cases and other life-limiting conditions associated with old age.

Edinburgh-based family law firm Gibson Kerr is recommending families to secure control over aging relatives’ affairs now to make sure they can help them if they become ill in their final years.

With Scotland’s rising elderly population, planning for older life – and planning for elderly dependents – has never been more important. The number of over 65s is expected to rise by 21% on 2006 levels by 2016. By 2031 it will have risen by 62% and in 2031 the 85-plus age group will have risen by 144%.

To read the full article, visit the Holyrood Partnership website.

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Edinburgh legal firm Gibson Kerr

The credit crunch is putting charities across Scotland in danger from losing out on vital revenue, due to people leaving smaller donations in their wills and legacies.

Scottish legal firm Gibson Kerr believes that many charities across the country are likely to receive less money from legacies over the coming years – as more people in Scotland choose to dramatically cut down donations after reassessing their personal wealth in the wake of the economic downturn.

The firm says that with investments, such as share portfolios, savings and property, falling in value, many people will choose to change their wills to ensure family members are not left out of pocket in favour of charities.

Edinburgh-based Gibson Kerr believes that many charities that rely on vital funding from donations left in wills could be seriously hindered in the future – as more and more legacy donations are reduced in people’s wills.

View the whole story at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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Gibson Kerr highlights "will ignorance"

Gibson Kerr highlights "will ignorance"

Many Scots are at risk of not securing their rightful inheritances because of ‘will ignorance’ by family members, according to one of Edinburgh’s leading legal firms.

Gibson Kerr believes that a lack of knowledge about the process of making or changing a will could have calamitous results for people and their families.

The scale of issue was highlighted in a survey by Brunel University, which showed that just 47% of people in the UK believed that it is dishonest for a care home nurse to persuade an elderly patient to change a will in their favour.

The figure in the Brunel survey was even lower than the number of people who thought it was dishonest to download music from the internet or make a copy of a CD that they had borrowed from a friend – Gibson Kerr believes this is another example of how people are unsure about the legal intricacies of making or changing their will.  

Gibson Kerr highlights “will ignorance”

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Gibson Kerr helps BBC1 show Heir Hunters

Gibson Kerr helps BBC1 show Heir Hunters

One of Edinburgh’s leading legal firms has found itself playing a key role in helping to put unclaimed inheritances – sometimes running into millions – into the hands of their rightful owners.

Gibson Kerr, which has more than 100 years experience in the Capital, has been working with English inheritance research firm Celtic Research who specialise in searching for the rightful heirs to fortunes left by people who did not make wills before their deaths.

One of their success stories even featured in a recent episode of the hit BBC1 show Heir Hunters.

You can read the full story at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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