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US Kids Golf Players

Young golfers practicing near the US Kids Golf logo

Sparkling golf matched the sunshine conditions as the cream of the world’s young golfing talent dazzled in the prestigious U.S. Kids Golf European Championship.

Competitors from no less than eight different countries – including the small central American nation of Guatemala – scooped European Championship titles, reflecting both the growth and spread of junior golf throughout the world.

Best round of the tournament was the last round, seven under par 65 carded by Philipp Matlari from Germany in the boys 12 age group while Liverpool’s Eloise Healey, Samantha Fuller from Kingston-upon-Thames and Monet Flores (Guatemala) each won their third European title in a row.  Frank Olav Garber (USA) also retained his European Championship crown.

But the highlight of the championships was the three holes-in-one scored by Kristjan Vojteh Berkelca, Lucy Walton and Lewis Reid over three different courses.

The competition – played over Gullane No. 2, Gullane No. 3, Craigielaw Golf Club and Longniddry Golf Club – was organised by the U.S. Kids Golf Foundation, which aims to promote the game of golf to young players and their families around the world.

The full release is available at the website of Holyrood Partnership PR in Edinburgh.


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14-SEP-SadieA budding business tycoon has been selected as the Scots finalist for the prestigious O2 X Female Entrepreneur of the Year award.

DollyLeo Apothecary founder Sadie Jean Sloss beat off competition from leading Scottish businesses to land a place in the London final of the influential competition

Sadie will now face a grilling from high-profile judges Simon Devonshire, Head of Small Business Marketing at O2, Jennifer O’Connell, Head of Small Business Acquisition at O2, Founder of Space NK, Nicky Kinnaird, and representative from top glossy magazine Grazia.

The results will then be announced at glitzy ceremony in London on September 29th.

The full article can be read at the Holyrood Partnership website.

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03 JUN roca graduatesA group of care inspectors have been recognised by the Care Commission and Scottish Government for their efforts in improving care standards across the country.

Public Health Minister Shona Robison presented 40 staff with a Regulation of Care Award (RoCA) (Scotland) certificate at a ceremony at the Apex Hotel in Dundee.

Amongst those was Margaret Hughes, 43, from Tayport, Lorraine McDonald, 43, from Alford, Aberdeenshire, Officer Chris Barratt, 53, from Gatehouse of Fleet, Mandy Ross, 42, from Inchinnan and Mary Soutar from Polmont.

Read what the award winners had to say at the Edinburgh PR Holyrood Partnership site.

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Holyrood Partnership PR website

Holyrood Partnership PR website

Holyrood Partnership has moved.

You’ll find all our stories, photos and videos at www.holyroodpr.co.uk.

Our new sites boast a front page which constantly changes with the latest news, views and coverage from our bank of clients.

We’ve also added eyecatching and easy-to-navigate video and photo galleries.

Best of all, if you want to find out about a specific client, simply click on the company logo to visit the client’s dedicated client page to see all of their news, coverage, photos, video and more.

Some of the clients we’ve been busiest with include NKD Clothing, Eagle Couriers, Panton McLeod and US Kids Golf.

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The current economic climate has made many businesses tighten their belts rather than invest in their looks.


But with 2009 round the corner Scotland’s leading supplier of uniforms is encouraging companies to loosen the purse strings slightly to shake up its operations, image and staff morale.


NKD Clothing has shown its clients that updating uniforms need not cost the earth but can have a massive impact.


Gill Eastgate, Director at the Edinburgh-based company, said: “This has undoubtedly been a tough year for businesses and unfortunately the overall economic climate does not show signs of radically improving in 2009.


“I think it is important businesses start the year on a positive footing as those that stay fresh, positive and competitive have a far better chance of surviving an economic slump than those that allow the doom and gloom to seep into their corporate image.


“Improving the public face of a company can do bucket-loads for corporate image and the overall feel-good factor.


“This does not necessarily have to cost a lot of money. Simple updates to uniforms, such as replacing t-shirts or providing new ties and scarves, can make the world of difference.”


NKD Clothing offers a unique design service, with bespoke corporate wear rather than choices from catalogues. It works with clients to provide the best solutions for their business.


The company, which has nine staff based at its office and warehouse in Canonmills, Edinburgh, is offering potential and existing clients a range of credit crunch friendly fashion updates for staff uniforms.


It is advising clients who thought they might have to cut uniforms from drastically reduced budgets this year to look at replacing only one key item such as staff t-shirts.


Gill added: “It is important companies realise how vitally important staff image is. It is intertwined with corporate image – a key factor to success.


“2009 should not be simply another year of prolonged financial doom and gloom; we need to get back into a positive frame of mind. There are plenty of businesses out there continuing to thrive and others that will survive the recession if they continue to invest.”


Among its recent contract wins NKD Clothing has supplied uniforms to several new hospitality ventures including the Stirling Adamo Hotels Group, Malmaison in Aberdeen, Hotel du Vin in Edinburgh and The Glasshouse Eskmills in Musselburgh.


NKD Clothing was established in 2002 and was subject to a management buy-out (MBO) by Managing Director Gill Eastgate in 2005. Since the MBO it has doubled its turnover to £1.3m and plans to further expand the business.

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At a presentation of its outfits Scotland’s leading uniform supplier NKD Clothing’s model was waiting to show bosses of one of the country’s top hotel groups the first of her looks.

As she waited one of the group asked owner Gill Eastgate if she could hurry the model along to get changed into a uniform – not realising that in actual fact she was wearing one of his venue’s reception dresses.

When the executive was told of his mistake he commented: ‘Bloody hell I thought it was her own dress.”

Gill said: “We are firm believers that staff should look as good, if not better, in their work clothes so I was happy with the client’s mistake. However it was quite amusing he had not recognised his own reception outfit.

“The poor model wondered why things weren’t kicking off. She looked great in the dress and the fact this executive thought she was in her own clothes is a great barometer of the quality and style of the outfits we provide.”

NKD Clothing offers a unique design service, with bespoke corporate wear rather than choices from catalogues. It supplies to dozens of businesses across the UK, including the De Vere and Malmaison hotel groups.

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Eagle Couriers Snow Socks

Eagle Couriers Snow Socks

Scotland’s leading independent courier firm has decided to equip its delivery vans with special safety “socks” in a bid to cope with the treacherous winter road conditions.

Eagle Couriers, which employs 100 people between Glasgow and Edinburgh, has invested in the revolutionary new equipment and plans to use the tyre socks to ensure their drivers are as safe as possible on snow-covered or icy roads.

The company carries out many deliveries in the north of Scotland during the winter, and already uses safety equipment such as tyre chains, which they fit to their vans when they need to drive through heavy blizzards and snow drifts.

However, by using the “tyre sock” technology, which was devised in Norway, they hope to improve their vehicles’ grip on the road when faced with less extreme weather conditions such as sleet and ice – which are less suitable for chains.

Under the move, the company will be trialling the equipment on vehicles travelling through Aberdeenshire, the Highlands and the Scottish Borders. If it proves successful, the firm will roll out the technology across its entire fleet.

Jerry Stewart - director of Eagle Couriers

Jerry Stewart - director of Eagle Couriers

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers’ directors, said: “We make sure our drivers are fully trained and have the best equipment available to ensure they stay safe on the road.

“We carry out a lot of work in the north of Scotland and, during the winter, the weather conditions up there can be very challenging. We carry snow chains in our vehicles but while these are perfect for heavy snow, they aren’t always the best thing for icy conditions.

“These tyre socks, on the other hand, are designed to improve friction between the tyres and the road and are perfect for dealing with light snow and ice. They have been highly recommended by industry experts but are still very new in this country, so we are delighted to be one of the few pioneering companies to use them.

“We hope they will become yet another option that our drivers can use in order to stay as safe as possible on treacherous roads throughout Scotland this winter.”

Eagle Couriers currently works with major organisations such the NHS and delivers medical supplies, equipment and important documents hospitals across the whole of Scotland. Their work also involves regularly travelling along isolated roads across rural Scotland – including the Highlands, Aberdeenshire and the Scottish Borders.

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Panton McLeod's new fleet of vehicles

Panton McLeod

 Water specialist Panton McLeod has announced a major £120,000 investment to upgrade its fleet of vehicles.

The company, which is the UK’s leading water quality engineering specialist, has spent £124,000 to replace its previous four-strong fleet of vans with seven new multi-purpose vehicles, which will be used by staff at its bases in the Scottish Borders and Nottingham.

The investment is the latest in a string of major developments for the firm in recent months, which has included doubling the size of its UK headquarters, winning major contracts with some of the country’s leading water suppliers and opening its first satellite office in the United States.

And the new vehicles are expected to improve the flexibility of the firm’s operations, which include cleaning underground tanks where drinking water is stored and ensuring the structures meet strict guidelines for cleanliness.

Paul Henderson - operations director

Paul Henderson - operations director

Paul Henderson, operations director with Panton McLeod, said: “Because our work is so varied and takes us to locations across the UK, our vehicles are always on the road.  We’d had our old vans for many years and, although they served us well, we reached the point where we knew that we had to replace the entire fleet in order to provide the best service possible.

“Our operations have grown over the past few years and we now have specialist teams that deal with chemical cleaning, as well as a dedicated underwater inspection unit. We needed to increase the number of vehicles we have to ensure we operate at our maximum capacity.

“Because of the nature of our specialist work, we also often have to travel to isolated locations in order to clean water storage tanks that are not easily accessible. In the past, we used our larger cleaning vans to travel to these locations but they were not always suited to the rough terrain.

“We realised that we needed to have the option of taking a reliable, off-road vehicle if we are traveling to these locations and so we now have two new 4x4s that we can use. It will make our operations run a lot more smoothly and mean we can respond to emergency calls more quickly.

“We also have a state of the art control centre which we have installed in the back of one of our new Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans, which will be used to control our underwater inspection robots. It’s a huge part of our operation and, as our previous vehicles weren’t suitable for the task, we’re delighted that we now have a van that is purely dedicated to this unit.

“It’s a major re-fit of equipment for us, but we feel it is vital in ensuring that we strengthen our position as the UK’s leading specialist drinking water cleaning firm.”

The firm has spent £60,000 on three new Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans, £30,000 on two Ford transit vans and a further £34,000 to purchase a Ford Ranger Thunder and Mitsubishi L200.

The investment, which has also included the purchase of new generators and a trailer, has been made to help the firm maintain its growing workload with water utility firms across the UK.

The upgrade comes just a few months after the firm, which has bases in the Scottish Borders and Nottingham, announced it had branched out internationally by opening its first-ever American office in Denver, CO.

It also follows a number of other recent successes for the company, which have included a cleaning contract renewal with Severn Trent Water and numerous high profile inspection jobs with some the UK’s biggest water companies.

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Eagle Couriers director Jerry Stewart

Eagle Couriers director Jerry Stewart

Scotland’s leading independent courier company Eagle Couriers has criticised the government’s plans to raise fuel duty to cover the drop in VAT, which was announced in the pre-Budget report.

Under proposals revealed by Chancellor Alistair Darling, VAT will be reduced from 17.5% to 15% in a bid to stimulate the economy and help businesses across the UK during the run up to Christmas.

But the Chancellor has also announced that he will raise the duty on fuel to cover the cut in VAT – meaning that customers will see no benefit whatsoever at the pumps.

Eagle Couriers has criticised the decision, which it says will be unfair on delivery businesses and motorists during the festive season and beyond.

Jerry Stewart, one of Eagle Couriers’s directors, said: “I am very disappointed with the Chancellor’s decision to raise duty on fuel to offset the drop in Value Added Tax. He has pledged to help businesses across the UK but this is a blow to companies such as ours since, although we are a registered firm that is able to reclaim VAT, we are unable to claim back any rise in excise duty.

“Petrol is still very expensive at the pumps and motorists were hoping the Chancellor would give them some Christmas cheer by lowering prices. However, with this pre-Budget announcement, he has merely given with one hand while taking away with the other.

“If Mr Darling was serious about stimulating the economy and helping businesses during the run-up to Christmas he would have at least dropped the duty on diesel, which is currently far more expensive than petrol anyway.

“Almost all delivery firms, couriers and hauliers use diesel in their vehicles and, if prices had been reduced, this saving would have been passed on to customers in time for their Christmas deliveries.”

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The relocations division of Scotland’s leading workplace experts experienced its busiest month to date in October.

Operations staff at the Aberdeen headquarters of Space Solutions moved 1600 people from 16 companies – double the monthly average.

Space Solutions was involved in two moves into the prestigious new multi-million pound Union Plaza development in October. The team relocated international investment management group Aberdeen Asset Management, as well as 150 staff and 2000 crates from solicitors Paull & Williamsons.

Lee Brandie, Business Manager of the relocations and operations division at Space Solutions, said: “October was the busiest month the Aberdeen relocations team has dealt with to date.

“We knew well in advance that several major projects would be nearing completion around the same time, allowing us plenty of time to plan in minute detail for the projects.

“Planning was the key to the success during this very busy spell, along with the skills and experience of our hard working team.”

The 25 relocations staff moved 5000 crates in 50 lorry loads around the city.

Space Solutions is Scotland’s biggest independent expert in helping businesses manage changes within the workplace. It operates UK-wide to design, build, fit out, refurbish and relocate modern and productive business environments.

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